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Golf Ball Old World Ornament Bowling Balls And Pins Ornament Axe Old World Ornament
Axe Old World Ornament
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Golf, as we know it, was first played with a leather-covered ball stuffed with goose feathers. In the early 1900s the golf ball evolved into the form as we know it today. However, it was not until 1932that the golf ball was standardized to weigh a maximum of 1.62 ounces and possesses a diameter of not less than 1.68 inches. 2 X 1.5 X 1.5 This beautiful glass ornament was carefully mouth-blown into a finely crafted mold. Then a hot solution of liquid silver was poured inside. Finally, the ornament was delicately hand-painted with many brightly colored lacquers and glitters for you to enjoy! 3.25 X 2 X 1.75 (HxLxW) Since the Stone Age, mankind has relied on this amazingly useful tool. Today it s a simple steel head attached to a wooden handle, and comes in a variety of sizes depending on your chopping needs. The hatchet is a single-handed axe, ideal for splitting firewood. Need to fell a tree? Use a regular two-handed axe. Timber! 4.75 X 2.25 X 1
Rainbow Trout Old World Ornament Boxing Gloves Old World Christmas Ornament Martial Arts Robe Old World Ornament
Gone Fishing are an angler's favorite words. The beautiful Rainbow Trout is one of the most popular sport fish. However, fishing isn't just the thrill of a tight line with a strong fish on, but a sport that teaches patience, respect for the environment, and gives an insight into the value of life. 2.5 X 4.5 X 2.25 Boxing is known as the manly art of self-defense. The sport involves fighting with gloved fists in a roped square ring according to prescribed rules. Boxing first appeared as a formal Olympic event in the 23rd Olympiad. The sport draws huge crowds of spectators and has done so for centuries. 3 inches. The karate gi is commonly worn by practitioners of karate, judo and jiu-jitsu. It s made of cotton canvas in order to take a lot of wear and tear, and yet remain comfortable. Different colored belts are worn to show the ability of the karateka. Specific patches are sewn on the front, to announce the name of the practitioner's dojo. 4 X 3.25 X 1.5
Fly Fishing Santa Old World Christmas Ornament Corn Hole Game Ornament Dressage Horse Ornament
Corn Hole Game Ornament
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Dressage Horse Ornament
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Santa works very hard and has a really big job. Every once in a while, however, he likes to take a vacation. Since the North Pole is cold and snowy most of the year, what could be better than a getaway to relax and have fun on a river with some great fly fishing? 5.25 X 2 X 1.25
The lawn game, corn hole has deep roots, dating back to 1883! In the 1970s it began growing in popularity after a popular magazine published instructions for making the boards. Since then, the game has continued to see a resurgence in backyards and at 1.25 X 1.75 X 4 Dressage displays the power, obedience, strength and intelligence of a horse and its rider. Riders and horses complete a sequence or a freestyle event. Dressage freestyle is often called Dancing on Horseback . The sport of dressage is formal, requiring years of training for the horse and rider to competitively participate. 1.25 X 3 X 4 (HxLxW)