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Christmas Pickle Gingerbread On Metal Tray Ornaments Good Dog Biscuit Ornament
Christmas Pickle
Our Price: $8.95
Good Dog Biscuit Ornament
Our Price: $11.95
Long ago when parents decorated the Christmas tree they hung the pickle ornament last, hiding it in the green boughs. When the children were allowed to view the tree, they would begin searching for the pickle ornament because they knew they would receive an extra gift for being the most observant. 3.5 X 2 X 1.5 (HxLxW) Add a sweet touch to any holiday décor with this assortment of two gingerbread cookie ornaments from Kurt Adler. Each ornament features a metal tray carrying gingerbread cookies, topped with a large red and white gingham bow. One tray is carrying three gingerbread boys and three gingerbread girls, each with frosting details and peppermint buttons and the other try is carrying a gingerbread man, a bell, a tree, a snowflake and a candy cane. Each of the cookies is dusted with glitter to give them a sugar coated look. Made of clay dough and metal. Assortment of 2 ornaments. Item Size: 6-inches Dogs selflessly give humans their unconditional love and loyalty. Throughout history, dogs have been faithful friends and workmates, even giving their lives to protect or rescue their owners. The Dog Biscuit ornament is a great way to honor the special best friend in your life. 3.25 X 2.75 X 0.75 (HxLxW)
2.5" Resin Santa Coke Train Ornament Hot Cocoa Cup With Marshmallows Ornament Tropical Glass Golden Pineapple Ornament
This Coca-Cola® Santa train ornament is a fun and festive addition to any holiday décor or Christmas tree. The red and silver train is decorated with the Coca-Cola® logo and Coke bottle cap wheels. Officially-licensed Coca-Cola® ornament. Made of resin and paint/mica. Item Size: 2.5-inches Warm up on those cold winter nights with Kurt Adler's "Hot Cocoa" mug with marshmallows. This ornament features a red mug of cocoa with overflowing glittered marshmallows. Made of claydough and iron. Hangs from red ribbon. Item Size: 3-inches

This holiday tropical Golden Pineapple Ornament made of glass in a gold color ready to hang on your tree or anywhere with the theme of the tropics. These ornaments will make a great addition to the tree or to add to your home of collectibles and decor. Makes a great Gift. Dimensions: 2in x 2in x 3.5in. Materials: GLASS. Color: Gold
Oyster With Pearl Old World Ornament Tea Kettle Ornament Pastel Glass Pineapple Ornament
Tea Kettle Ornament
Our Price: $15.95
What a delight to hear its cheery whistle or the phrase put the kettle on. The humble tea kettle has boiled water for centuries, creating safe and comforting beverages. During the Great Depression, journalists opined: Remember the tea kettle - though up to its neck in hot water, it still sings. 3.25 X 2.5 X 2.25 (HxLxW) Welcome friends and family to your holiday gathering with these glass pineapple ornaments from Kurt Adler. The pineapple symbolizes warmth, welcome, friendship and hospitality when used in your holiday décor or Christmas tree. Included in this assortment is a pink, purple and blue pineapple with gold accent and green glass leaves. Made of glass and paint/mica. Assortment of 3 ornaments. Hangs from gold string. Item Size: 5.5-inches. Price for one ornament. Please select color.

Nobel Gems Fruit Ornament Pineapple Ornament Noble Gems Pineapple Glass Ornament
Nobel Gems Fruit Ornament
Our Price: $16.95
Pineapple Ornament
Our Price: $17.95
Kurt Adler's Noble Gems™ fruit ornaments are a fun addition to your home or holiday décor. This assortment includes a glittered tomato, strawberry and banana. Part of the Kurt Adler Noble Gems™ collection. Made of glass and aluminum. Assortment of 3 ornaments. Hangs from gold string. Item Size: 3.25-4.25-inches. Price for one ornament. Please select style.
Pineapples symbolize friendship and graciousness. They were hung on front doors or gateposts as signs of welcome and hospitality. People eventually began carving designs of pineapples into their doorways to welcome friends or even strangers into their homes. 4.25 X 2 X 2 (HxLxW) Welcome friends and family to your holiday gatherings with these Noble Gems™ glass pineapple ornaments from Kurt Adler. The pineapple symbolizes warmth, welcome, friendship and hospitality when used in your holiday décor or Christmas tree. Part of Kurt Adler Noble Gems™ collection. Made of glass and mica. Hangs from a gold string. Assortment of 3 ornaments. Perfect for any holiday décor. Price is for one ornament. Please select color before checking out.
Slow Cooker Ornament Kitchen Mixer Ornament Wiener Dog Ornament
Slow Cooker Ornament
Our Price: $18.95
Kitchen Mixer Ornament
Our Price: $18.95
Wiener Dog Ornament
Our Price: $19.95
January 1940, Irving Naxon received a patent on his Beanery, a slow cooker inspired by his Lithuanian mother. Since Jews were forbidden to work on the Sabbath, they would take a pot of cholent (bean stew) to a bakery on Friday to slowly cook in the residual oven heat. 2.5 X 2.5 X 1.5 (HxLxW) The mixer was introduced in 1856 by Ralph Collier. In 1908 the electrical mixer was born. Before the mixer, baking was much more laborious and time consuming, slowing production. Now bakers can produce pounds of dough as fast as they can be consumed! 3.25 X 2.5 X 1.5 (HxLxW)

Dachshunds, also known as wiener dogs due to their long body and short legs, were bred for below ground work. They are affectionate, clever and courageous with a lively disposition. The Dachshund embodies power in a small package. 2 X 3.75 X 1.5 (HxLxW)
Lemonade Ornament King Crab Ornament 4" Nobel Gems Glass Sushi Platter Ornament
Lemonade Ornament
Our Price: $21.95
King Crab Ornament
Our Price: $21.95
Records dating back to the 11th century show a brisk trade in bottles of qatarmizat (lemon juice & sugar) in the Jewish community in Egypt. We continue to enjoy this refreshing beverage, fresh-squeezed, at home or purchased at the neighbor kid s lemonade stand! 3.25 X 2.75 X 2.25 (HxLxW) This mighty crustacean can weigh up to 24 pounds, have 5 leg span and can live to the ripe old age of 30! There are nearly 120 species of this regal crab, who dwell in both warm and cold water. They can t swim but they can travel 100 miles when it is time to mate. 1.5 X 3.75 X 2 (HxLxW) These Noble Gems™ sushi platter glass ornament from Kurt Alder are perfect pieces for sushi lovers! The ornament features a gold platter of a variety of sushi. Part of the Kurt Adler Noble Gems™ collection. Made of glass and mica. Hangs from a gold string. Item Size: 4-inches
Clear and Green Glass Pineapple Ornament Jim Shore South Carolina Ornament Snap Ornament
Clear and Green Glass Pineapple Ornament
Our Price: $28.95
Sale Price: $24.95
Savings: $4.00
Snap Ornament
Our Price: $65.00
Mouth blown Egyptian glass ornament. Approximately 5 inches tall. An original design by Jim Shore, the South Carolina Santa features the state flag and a hospitality pineapple. Each ornament is hand painted and comes in an original Jim Shore collectors gift box. Approximately 4.5 inches tall. Mouth Blown, Hand Painted and Glittered in Poland. Sterling Silver Lined Blown Glass Gingerbread Man Christmas Ornament. Unique Red and White Stripe Patterned Gingerbread Man Cookie Ornament. Holiday Tree Decoration Detailed with Silver Ball Candy Details. 5.5″ Tall